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This 4 session, one-hour/session training workshop is made available by and is CCB accredited.

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“Got 20% cost reductions immediately in our bidding process by walking through the decision process carefully as the course suggested.”

— Stan, Roofing Company.

Phil Bride, management consultant and executive coach, works with construction emerging leaders to sharpen (and put in place) their leadership and management skills so that companies can grow & reach their goals!


Promote accountability and ownership in your team!

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  • To be more accountable for your materials - less wasteful.
  • To better manage their crews.

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  • You can enjoy going to work again!



Decision Framework for Emerging Leaders Login | Five, 60-minute live web-based workshops!

Tuesdays 7am. Fridays 7am. First 3 weeks of the month.

1st Tuesday—Leadership and Management
1st Friday—Goal Setting Structure
2nd Tuesday—GPS and the Decision Framework.
2nd Friday—Practical Use of GPS, Decision Making and Graduation

Certificates of Proficiency in Leadership/Decision Making.
5 CCB Credits Hours


Phil Bride leads an Executive Coaching and Management Consulting company with 30+ developing expertise and experience in the industry. He has grown product lines, groups, and businesses in their markets. He is based in the Portland, Oregon area. He is co-chair of the CFMA Portland Education Committee, presents at NARI, NKBA, NEDME, chambers among others. He actively works with small and medium sized construction and manufacturing businesses. He holds a masters of business administration in finance & marketing and bachelors of science in engineering plus various certifications.


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”Saw 30% more revenue from PMs deciding to engage more with clients. Happened after we embedded the Decision Framework into our weekly planning.”
— Jim, Property Management

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